Epsom Downs Primary School & Children's Cnetre

The Nest 

The NEST – Epsom Downs Community School’s nurture group

Nurturing Emotional Security Together (NEST) is part of the Surrey Cluster of Nurture Groups providing social and emotional support to children aged 4-7.  It is a small, early-intervention group for a maximum of 7 children. Opened in 2012, the NEST offers a unique specialist provision for children in the Epsom Downs area.

The NEST is designed to be a comfortable space, very similar to a home.  There are sofas where we share the start of the day and circle times, there is a kitchen where we prepare for lunch and do some cooking activities.  There is also plenty of space for the children to access open ended play resources, as well as a role play area and areas for the children to work on social skills like turn taking.  The adults in the NEST work together to model a positive and secure relationship

The curriculum is based on the Six Principles of Nurture, developed by Marjorie Boxall and others, to support children with emotional, behavioural and social difficulties in a secure and nurturing environment.  The small size of the group means that each child receives support for specific areas of social, emotional and behavioural needs. As children develop strategies to deal with their emotions and their barriers to learning are overcome the nurture group will also start to target specific areas of academic needs. 

It runs Monday to Thursday from 11am until 1.30pm.  This means that the children maintain a secure link with their base class.  They will join their class for activities such as trips or special events.  We work together with class teachers and parents to develop strategies and form a consistent approach both at home and in school.

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NEST Staff

Louise Stinson - Specialist Teacher

Helen Short - Specialist Teaching Assistant