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The Nest 


Nurturing Emotional Security Together (NEST) is part of the surrey cluster of Nurture Groups.  It is a small, early-intervention groups for a maximum of 7 children.  Completed and opened in 2012, the NEST offers a unique specialist provision for children in the Epsom Downs area.

The Aims of The NEST

  • To give children the support they need at the earliest possible age to prevent problems with learning later at school.
  • To help children to learn to behave appropriately, use their curiosity constructively, improve their self-esteem and develop confidence through close and trusting relationships with adults
  • To provide a flexible and preventative resource which is responsive to individual needs of each child.
  • To provide on-going assessment and support for children showing signs of emotional stress and/or behavioural difficulties with the aim of enabling the child to access the curriculum and participate fully in school life.
  • To provide a secure and reliable environment where children can learn by experiencing nurture from caring adults who actively work towards their successful integration into their mainstream class.
  • To work in partnership with class teachers and parents to enable consistency of approach, both at home and at school.



NEST Staff

Louise Stinson - Specialist Teacher

Working in Partnership

It is essential to ensure good communication between The NEST, the child’s mainstream school and with parents.


  • The NEST staff strive to form good working relationships with parents through adopting a very open and non-judgemental approach.
  • Parents are initially invited to join us for an informal meeting.
  • They are provided with a ‘home contact book’ in which messages are sent home every week and parents are invited to write messages in return
  • Once the children are settled, we encourage parents to visit The NEST for a session so they can see first- hand how we are working with their child and the strategies we use to promote positive behaviours.
  • Parents are required to come to our half termly partnership sessions which are informal parent support meetings where we can share strategies.


  • Boxall Profiles are used to assess children’s areas of need and are updated regularly to help assess the progress that the child is making both in The Nest and at school.
  • Typically children will stay in the group for between 2 and 4 terms.
  • Re-integration is a tailored process that will aim to meet the individual needs of the children. It will require close liaison and monitoring from all professionals involved with the child. The child’s and parents views are also sought and considered.
  • Once it is agreed that the child will return to class full time then an agreed plan will be implemented to ensure that successful re-integration takes place.


  The Nest Leaflet

 The Six Principles of Nurture

 Boxall Quality Mark Award