Epsom Downs Primary School & Children's Cnetre

The D.E.N (Developing, Enriching, Nurturing)

The D.E.N is a High CoIn Unit based at Epsom Downs Community School that is built to support children by Developing, Enriching and Nurturing.

Our vision for the D.E.N is to provide a nurturing environment where every child feels valued and has a sense of belonging. The high quality, specialist teaching ensures that all children will become confident learners, who can thrive in a setting that can be adapted to suit their individual needs.

Each child in the D.E.N is a member of their mainstream class so they are able to spend dedicated time with their peers to develop social skills, access the wider curriculum and genuinely feel part of life at Epsom Downs. This is planned carefully around the individual skills of each child so that their experience in the mainstream classroom is meaningful, positive and empowering.

The D.E.N is a provision that supports pupils with a diagnosis of autism and those with communication and interaction needs (CoIn). Pupils benefit from a highly individualised curriculum, are taught by specialist teachers and supported by SEND teaching assistants who deliver lessons individually and in small groups to meet each child’s needs.

Evidence-based teaching strategies are embedded in the curriculum so that pupils are supported to progress in all areas of the curriculum, with a particular focus on the development of communication and language. The D.E.N team include Frances James, SALT, who spends each Monday in class, assessing and working directly with pupils, advising on strategies and providing training for teaching staff. 

The D.E.N fully embeds the Nurture principles which underpins our school ethos at Epsom Downs Community School to create a nurturing environment where all views are respected. In addition, the school values are an integral part of the D.E.N and will reflect the aims of Epsom Downs Community School to ensure we prepare all pupils for their futures- Learning Together: Succeeding Forever.

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