Epsom Downs Primary School & Children's Cnetre

School Nurse

Supporting pupils and families through the school nurse service in Primary Schools

Our pupils are supported through a school nursing service provided by CSH Surrey, which is contracted by the NHS. The school nurses work as part of a wider 0-19 years Children and Families Service at CSH Surrey. Our skilled teams are committed to supporting the health, development and wellbeing of all those aged between 0-19 years. We work within a range of settings including schools and nurseries.

The 0-19 Team is comprised of; specialist practitioner school nurses and health visitors, staff nurses, nursery nurses and community health assistants. Therapist such as speech and language therapists, occupational therapists and physiotherapists may also see children with specific needs.

The school nursing team provide:

  • Health screening
  • Health education as part of the school curriculum: for example, healthy life style choices
  • Nasal Flu immunisations 
  • Advice, support and referral to specialist services such as Speech and Language Therapy, Occupational Therapy and Physiotherapy
  • School staff training on a range of medical issues for example, use of Adrenaline Auto Injectors for children with allergies and asthma management
  • Additional services for children and families with specific needs.

The school nursing team is also available to provide support to parents and carers on a range of health issues that may be concerning them, and where appropriate signpost to appropriate services. Further information including contact details can also be found on CSH Surrey’s website