Epsom Downs Primary School & Children's Cnetre


At Epsom Downs Primary, school lunches are freshly prepared on site every day and provide the children with tasty, filling and nutritious food that keeps them alert and ready to learn.

School dinners are great value at £2.70 a day for a main meal and a pudding (Foundation and KS1 are free). Payment is easy via our online parent pay system www.parentpay.com where you can pay for meals weekly, half-termly or termly in advance. On request, meals can be prepared for children with special dietary requirements.

If you are on Income Support Benefit or receive Income Based Jobseeker's Allowance you may be entitled to Free School Meals. Please contact the school office for more information.

 New Starter Pack 

 School Lunch Menus and Allergen information

 Special Diet Request Form

It is essential to have half a term notice, please email school-lunches@epsomdowns.surrey.sch.uk if your child is changing from a school meal to a packed lunch and vice versa. A charge will be made if no notice is received and a lunch was ordered for your child.

If you prefer your child to have a packed lunch, please pack a healthy selection of items that will give your child nourishment and energy. Please only include packets that the child can open independently. We must ask that nuts of any kind are not sent into school in lunch boxes or as a snack – this includes peanut butter/Nutella sandwiches and Nutella snacks, as even these are enough to trigger a serious reaction in some children who suffer from nut allergies.

As packed lunches will not be refrigerated we ask that an insulated lunchbox is used and placed on the trolley in the corridor outside your child’s classroom.

Useful websites for healthy Lunchbox ideas:

  Loveable Lunchboxes

  netmums - lunchbox-ideas


We recommend that children drink water throughout the day in order to maintain concentration levels and prevent headaches. Children are allowed a bottle of water in the classroom, which they can re-fill at break and lunchtime from the water-cooler in reception. Please note that fizzy drinks, juice or squash must not be bought into school – only water is permitted.