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Foundation Subjects

Welcome to our Foundation Subject Policies hub, where we outline our commitment to providing a well-rounded and enriching education for every student.

These policies encompass a spectrum of subjects that form the bedrock of our curriculum, ensuring a holistic approach to learning. From fostering creativity in the arts to developing critical thinking in humanities, our Foundation Subject Policies are designed to nurture well-rounded individuals equipped for success in a diverse and dynamic world.

Explore our guidelines, methodologies, and the passion we bring to each subject area, reflecting our dedication to shaping curious minds and lifelong learners.

All policies reflect our overall Curriculum Intent: all of our learning at Epsom Downs Community School is engaging, enriching, values-centred and language-rich.

 Art and Design Policy

 Computing Policy

 Design and Technology Policy

 Geography Policy

 History Policy

Modern Foreign Languages

 Music Policy

 PE Policy

 Science Policy